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YourFramer Consultant

If you are looking for a job that you can do at your own pace and in your own time we may be able to help.

We would like to give you the opportunity to become a YourFramer Consultant, and start your own home-based business. We will help you every step of the way, all you need is enthusiasm. Businesses can be run either part-time or full time, whatever suits your lifestyle. You are in control of your own working schedule and are able to set your own time, thus enabling you to run the business around childcare or another job.


Courses are conducted over 3 days and will cover:

  • Framing a picture
  • Advising customers on how to get their images framed
  • Sales techniques
  • Pricing and quoting jobs, and maximizing your profits
  • Marketing your business
  • Making a business plan
  • Building up a profitable business

But how do you get started?

We strongly recommend that you have completed a FrameCo ‘Basics of Picture Framing’ Course prior to doing a Consultancy Course.

We will supply you with all the tools you need to start your business, and give you extensive training on how to use them. We will also show you how to use your tools and materials effectively, maximizing business profitability. We will give you the ability to offer a diverse range of subjects, including photographs, paintings, certificates, shirts and other memorabilia etc.

If you have already completed a ‘Basics of Picture Framing’ Course and have acquired certain tools you now wish to upgrade we will review your tools with you and upgrade them to the required standard needed to run a home business. FrameCo tools are easy and safe use.

Save & MAKE Money

Picture Framing is the perfect home based business, as nearly everybody has something they need framed! A lot of people would love to get their images framed but just need some advice on what would enhance their image. After completion of the course you will confidently be able to offer your customers advise on how to get their images framed.

You will also be able to offer your customers a comprehensive mount cutting service (including name mounts) as well as an expert printing and canvas printing and stretching service. Both the cutting of name mounts and canvas printing can be done by us, so need for you to purchase a professional printer and mount cutter.

What do you learn?

Our courses teach you how to layout, measure and cut your own mats; how to select, and join your picture frames; then how to finish off the picture ready to hang on your wall.
You will learn what are the best tools available and how to use them. We will show you how to do all your own framing with tools and equipment you CAN afford. Tools that are safe, easy-to-use in the comfort of your own home. Then you can buy your own tools and do-it-yourself.
Classes are usually limited to 6-8 people, so that everyone can interact and get the most out of the course.

Sales Techniques

We will offer in-depth and comprehensive sales techniques you can use. Dealing with customers does not have to be a scary thing, they’re only human.

The course will include the easiest and proven techniques to close a sale, offer sales support, gain extra framing projects, retain existing business and a loyal customer base that is not afraid to recommend you to friends and family.

Pricing Jobs

You will be taught how to price your jobs effectively and profitably, without making your prices unreasonable to your customers.

We will issue you with a pricing schedule, which will allow you to look professional, and helps when quoting on work, making sure your customers feel they can have confidence in your quote.

Marketing Your Business

We will teach you how to most effectively market your business. Marketing your business locally does not need to cost the earth, word of mouth is a great way to start. We will teach you different techniques of keeping in touch with your customers, ensuring customer loyalty.

We will also teach you how to go about advertising in the local press should you wish to do that, and how to source other cheap ways of getting your name out there.

Building a Profitable Business

We will provide you with an action plan showing you step by step what you can do to make your business as profitable as possible. We will show you how to start of and how to maintain your business.

Your level of profit depends on the amount of hours you can dedicate to your business. We will teach you to use the hours you have wisely.

YourFramer offers continuing online support for all its consultants – you can email us with any questions you may have and we will endeavor to help you as much as we can.

FrameCo will give you access to tools and materials at a discounted price. We will provide each consultant with a discount code allowing you access to the discount structure in place for consultants.

The rest is up to you. You can make it as small or as big as you like, full time or part-time. We will help you with any questions you may have, and with an ongoing supply of framing materials and printing services.

What will I need?

Everything will be provided, including mat board to cut, mat cutters and frame joiners to pratice with. There is no need to bring anything to the workshop, except yourself! You will receive a certificate to show that you have attended YourFramer Consultant Course and a comprehensive manual, so that you can refer to it in the future. - " Learn the tricks of the trade from professional framers ".

How much does it cost?

$135 per day for a 3 days course = $405 per person. We contact you with available dates for the class in your area. You will be able to purchase our quality picture frame tools at discounted prices.

Who should attend?

Anybody wanting to start their own business. Only basic picture framing experience is necessary. We strongly recommend that you have completed a FrameCo ‘Basics of Picture Framing’ Course prior to doing a Consultancy Course.

How do I register my interest?

Send an email to us on our Click Here to register your interest in a YourFramer Consultancy Course. Advise us of your nearest large city and we will endeaveour to provide a course soon.