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PushMaster Magnet

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FrameCo magnet is a 6mm x 30mm long AlNiCo magnet....which means it is made from Aluminium, Nickel and Cobalt.  The magnet is of crystalline construction, rolled compressed and polished to the shape that we require. FrameCo has the magnets made especially by Far East Magnets, an ISO 9009 endorsed company.

If the magnet snaps or breaks it is often your fault unfortunately. There are two main reasons for breakage.

1. The tools rolls off the bench and falls to the floor.

2. The PushMaster or EzyFramer was not held vertically when inserting the v-nail. If the tool is on a slant then you place a sideways pressure on the magnet which can cause it to snap.

How to remove the broken Magnet from the PushMaster

Hit the end of the PushMaster with a mallet or hammer. This usually will dislodge the magnet piece enough so that the end can be held with pliers to remove the magnet piece. Care should be taken not to lose the spring which is still inside the tool. Clean out the hole in the head of the tool, and make sure there are no burrs on the edges of the hole. Replace the spring first then the new magnet.