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PushMaster Compound Mitre Ring

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The Challenge in cutting a compound mitre stops most people from making these traditional shaped frames. Common many years ago, we have lost the art in making such frames. However the Proman saw has slots milled into the base of the saw table, and these are used to support a "flattish" moulding style which is cut at a compound angle. Once the frame is cut the problem is to join the four corners! The PushMaster compound Mitre Ring is a result of our efforts to join such frames. The ring slips over the end of the magnet in the end of the Pushmaster, and incorporates a milled slot which allows the heavy "anvil" end of the PushMaster to get closer to the joint, and thus insert a V-Nail more easily, into the sloping special angled mitre. Great project if you have the time...but has a higher degree of difficulty than general frame joining.

HowCompound Mitre Ring (download .pdf file)