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BenchMaster Base Plate Clamp

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The base plate clamp holds the frame corner firmly when joining. Attaches to the base plate of the BenchMaster joiner with one central screw. Combined with the Strap Clamp it will prevent any movement or opening of the frame corner when inserting the v-nail. The kit includes a threaded upright rod, the cross beam, and speed nut to hold the beam in place. Designed by FrameCo and only available through the FrameCo showrooms.

  • Quick and easy to fit corner to corner.
  • Combines well with the Strap Clamp.
  • Holds the frame corner firmly while joining.
  • Prevents open corners due to the pressure of the v-nail entering the moulding
  • Also allows more power to be applied to the Pushmaster when inserting v-nails in very hard timbers.
  • Produces good joins even with difficult shaped moulding profiles. 

(BenchMaster, strap clamps and frame shown are not included)

How to use BenchMaster Base Plate Clamp(download .pdf file)