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Corner Jack

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The FrameCo Corner Jack is an adjustable corner support device "jack" used to keep the frame corner supported while it is being joined.

When joining some shaped mouldings, the front or rear of the frame corner may need support if the frame does not rest flat on the table. The pressure of the v-nail entering the base of the moulding can force the joint to open if the frame is not supported. 

  • Prevents the corner from opening whilst joining.
  • Fully adjustable to suit small, and reverse shaped profiles.
  • Supports the frame corner when driving v-nails in with a mallet¬†into hard timbers.
  • Can be used with the PushMaster and the BenchMaster¬† II.
  • Ideal partner with the FrameCo Strap Clamp.
  • Ensures a quality join everytime.