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Ezy Framer

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Ideal tool for the occasional framing project. The Ezy-Framer will insert all sizes of V-Nails and backing nails to hold the artwork into the frame. Includes 140 V-Nails. Will not insert flexipoints. But combine it with the Strap Clamp for better results.

  • Budget priced hand operated frame well!
  • Inserts all sizes and types of v-nails...including hardwood v-nails for close-grain timber moldings.
  • Inserts backing nails to hold the artwork in the frame.
  • Can be tapped with a mallet for hardwood framing.
  • Can be used with any type of frame clamp.
  • EzyFramer cannot be used with the BenchMaster

The Ezy-Framer is the ideal start framing option for the home framer , who only wants to make a few frames per year. Can be used with any clamp but a good quality clamp is essential. Save and buy the two items together in Frame Kit # 2 or item #14605..go to "Start-up Packages"..

The position of the magnet, and the nail slots in the head of the Ezy-Framer are exclusive patents owned by FrameCo.

How to use Ezy-Framer (download .pdf file)