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BenchMaster II

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BenchMaster II Joiner - complete with PushMaster, is suitable for high quality, low volume framing with professional results. Takes all V-Nail sizes and if you need to join tall mouldings you can stack the V-Nails vertically in the moulding. The powerful cam action suits joining hard to very hard timber mouldings, but as you are able to control the pressure while inserting the v-nail, the action is still suitable for small or delicate mouldings. The BenchMaster is safe and very easy to operate and control.  It does not include the FrameCo Strap Clamp but can be used with any brand of "good quality" Strap Clamp.

  • More powerful v-nail driving action for hard woods.
  • Wide flat metal base adds stability.
  • Takes all sizes of v-nails..can double stack v-nails.
  • Portable and easy to set up or dismantle for storage.
  • Can be used left or right handed.
  • Many options are available making the BenchMaster II a very versatile frame's great value and a very versatile frame joiner.
  • The BenchMaster II is suitable for high quality low volume framing with a professional finish. Combined with the FrameCo Strap clamp, the two tools make an ideal frame joining combination. Joining with the frame inverted makes it easy to see where you place the v-nails, stable whilst joining, and quick to join corner after corner. The BenchMaster is the most suitable joiner for the home framer on the world market.

The magnet position, and nail slots in the head of the PushMaster are exclusive patents owned by FrameCo.

How to use BenchMaster (download .pdf file)