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Mat Master System 810B

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The MatMaster 810B kit includes a solid aluminium baseboard, a border width gauge and mat guide for more accurate mat cutting. The mat guide can be calibrated for squareness. It measures borders up to 12cm (5") wide and keeps the mat steady whilst cutting. The 810B features the convenience that the rule will lift off the base for use elsewhere. Design features -

  • Bevel cutting head will not hook or slip
  • Start/stop line on cutting head
  • #101 Straight Cutter ...incl.
  • Inbuilt mat guide for accurate measurements
  • Mat cutting stop
  • Solid aluminium base
  • Dual metric and imperial scales

Kit includes - #201 bevel cutter head, 81cm(32") rule and baseboard, mat guide and border width gauge, #101 straight cutter, production stop, operating instructions, 10 blades, adjustment key.