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There are 5 easy steps to frame using the frameco tools. Frame your own photographs, prints and artworks just like a professional.

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Getting started has never been easier. Start with a frame kit like our best selling kit #1

Our best selling mat cutter is the Mat Master 860B. You can cut all your own matboard without any overcuts.

Upgrade your Pushmaster with the Benchmaster #1 option. Insert V-Nails into the hardest of timbers such as oak and Jarrah.

If you do not have the framing tools and wish to just buy a ready made frame, use YourFramer online framing program to order a ready made kit.

I am an amateur photographer, what is the best mat cutter for me. Frameco has many models suitable for the hobbiest or the busy home framer.


Picture Frame Joining Tools

How to Make Your Own Picture Frames

BenchMaster or PushMaster together with the Strap Clamp ~ the ideal combination for easy picture frame joining.

The PushMaster joining tool is made just for the hobby and do-it-yourself picture framer. The PushMaster inserts V-Nails which are used to join the frame corners. V-Nailing is the preferred method of joining used by professional framers, and is now available to the amateur picture framers. Used in combination with a clamp, the PushMaster produces a tight, secure corner and is suitable for high quality, low volume home framing.

The PushMaster tool is used to insert V-Nails into the base of wood moulding. The V-Nail pulls the corners together making a tight firm join. PushMaster can be used by hand pressure alone on most wood mouldings or gently hit with a "dead blow" mallet to insert the V-Nail into any hard timber frame. The frame must be held firmly together before v-nailing - and the FrameCo Strap Clamp is ideal for this. Click here for more "clamping" information.
Any size V-Nail can be inserted into the frame using the PushMaster, and the instructions included with the tool kit gives you helpful advice on the best size v-nail and position suitable for most moulding types and styles. As most commercial frame mouldings are made from a timber called Obeche, it is relatively easy to insert the v-nails into the frame by hand, however the BenchMaster upgrade is available, which takes the hard work out of joining.

Two V-Nails are usually necessary - one near the rebate and the second close to the centre of the moulding.


Backing Nail


Screw Eye

The PushMaster Kit contains:

- PushMaster tool
- 400 V-Nails in assorted sizes - makes approx 50 frames
- instructions
- starter pack of backing nails, flexipoints and screw eyes.

Recommended products to be used with the PushMaster:
BenchMaster Joiner
Cord/Hobbi/Strap Clamp
Frame Stop
Corner Jack
PushMaster Coumpound Ring
PushMaster Cross Beam Clamp

How to use the PushMaster (download pdf file)

Code: #14730 PushMaster Kit

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BenchMaster is ideal for the serious home framer, photographer or artist, who want to do their own framing without investing in expensive professional joiners. The powerful cam action of the handle combined with the size of the PushMaster drives V-Nails into the hardest of timbers. Yet its gentle hand action suits joining small mouldings, odd shaped or delicate frames.

The BenchMaster is easy and safe to operate and gives you a professional finish everytime. Precision engineered and all metal construction makes the BenchMaster very stable to use.

Insert the PushMaster into the BenchMaster

Unload the PushMaster for frame fitting

Cam action allows for easy & powerful inserting action.

Suitable for high quality, low volume framing with a professional result. Will join most timbers including very hard timbers. Takes all V-Nail sizes from 5mm (3/16") to 15mm (5/8"). V-Nails draw the corners together making a tight, firm join without marking the outside of the frame. Can join a large range of frame widths and heights. Optional extension legs for joining up to 125mm (5") high mouldings.

How to use the BenchMaster I (download pdf file)
How to use the BenchMaster II (download pdf file)

Recommended products to be used with the BenchMaster:
Cord/Hobbi/Strap Clamp
Frame Stop
Corner Jack
BenchMaster Base Plate Clamp

Code: #14728 BenchMaster I - mechanism only. Load your own PushMaster
Code: #14729 BenchMaster II - complete with PushMaster & accessories.

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The Base Plate Clamp holds the frame corner firmly and prevents the frame sides moving when joining. The clamp can be used for general frame joining, but is most useful for complex shaped mouldings, compound mitres and hard timbers. Combined with the Strap Clamp, it will prevent any movement, or opening of the frame corner when V-Nailing. Quick and easy to install and remove from corner to corner, the kit includes a threaded upright, speed nut, and cross beam, which attaches to the existing base of the BenchMaster. Designed by FrameCo and only available through one of our offices.

Code: #14732 BenchMaster Base Plate Clamp

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Improve stability of the corner whilst joining.

The same clamping device as the BenchMaster Base Plate Clamp, but includes a separate base plate so that it can be used with a PushMaster. Must be used in conjunction with the FrameCo strap clamp, which will hold the frame securely whilst inserting the v-nail. Kit includes a Standard Base plate, Cross Beam, and all attachments.

Code: #14733 PushMaster Cross Beam Clamp

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For safer and more successful fitting of backing nails and flexipoints.

The PushMaster tool inserts both flexipoints and backing nails. However it is essential that the frame side be firmly supported when inserting these backing points. The FrameCo "Frame Stop" is a portable, easy to use tool, just made for this job. It gives you more power and better control, and is much safer than holding the frame by hand. The Frame Stop is easily moved along the side to any nailing position. A longer version of the Frame Stop is also made..called the "Bench Stop" , this can be screwed to the bench as a permanent stop ideal for frame fitting up.

How to use the Frame Stop (download pdf file)

Code: #15620 Frame Stop
Code: #15621 Bench Stop

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The FrameCo Corner "Jack" is an adjustable corner support system used to support the frame corner while joining. The Corner "Jack" will support large, small or reverse shaped mouldings.

When joining some shaped mouldings, the front or rear of the corner may need support if the frame does not rest flat on the working bench. The pressure of the V-Nails entering the base of the moulding can force the joint to open if the frame is not supported. This can easily happen when joining hard timber frames and the PushMaster is been hit with the Dead Blow hammer. By inserting the Corner Jack under the frame corner to support it, there is less chance of the corner joint been "forced open" by the downward pressure of the v-nail entering the frame.

An alternative to the Corner Jack is the Cross Beam Clamp used with the PushMaster or the Base Plate Clamp used with the Benchmaster. Only one type of frame support is necessary, however the necessity to use one of these types of corner support clamps increases if the clamp holding the frame is not robust or powerful enough to hold the frame securely. That is why we recommend the the use of the FrameCo strap clamp - strong, powerful, and easy to use.

How to use the Corner "Jack" (download pdf file)

Code: #15610 Corner "Jack"

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The challenge in cutting a compound mitre stops most people from making these "traditional" shaped frames. Common many years ago we have lost the art in making such frames. However the Proman saw has slots milled into the base of the saw table, and these are used to support a "flattish" moulding style while it is cut at a compound angle. Once cut, the next problem is to join the four corners!! The PushMaster Compound Mitre Ring is a result of our efforts to join such frames. The ring slips over the magnet in the end of the PushMaster, and incorporates a milled slot which allows the heavy "anvil" end of the PushMaster to get closer to the joint, and thus inserts the V-Nail more easily into the sloping, special angled mitre. Great project if you have the inclination, but has a higher degree of difficulty than general frame joining.

Code: #15612 PushMaster Compound Mitre Ring

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The Extension Kit extends the height of the cross beam. The BenchMaster Extension Leg Kit joins mouldings up to 125mm (5") high.

Code: #14727 BenchMaster Extension Leg Kit

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The BenchMaster Offset Kit moves the cross beam forward to enable the application of sawtooth hangers to the back of the frame or to attach a stand back hinge. Different heads for the PushMaster are required to complete these applications.

How to use the BenchMaster Offset Kit (download pdf file)

Code: #14726 BenchMaster Offset Kit

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The economical frame joiner

The Ezy-Framer will insert all sizes of V-Nails and backing nails to hold the art work into the frame. Ezy-Framer combined with a cord clamp make an ideal start-up option for the home framer who wants to join a few picture frames. Ezy-Framer will not insert flexipoints or screw eyes, and it will not fit into the BenchMaster as the PushMaster does. Kit includes 140 V-Nails and instructions.

How to use the Ezy Framer (download pdf file)

Recommended products to be used with the Ezy Framing Kit:
Cord Clamp
Corner Jack
Flexi Framer

Code: #14747 Ezy-Framer Kit

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High quality super sharp staples for easier joining.

V-Nails are uniquely shaped wedges used to join the mitred joint. When the V-Nail enters the timber the V shape is deflected outwards to open it out slightly. As the V-Nail tries to come back to its original shape, the joint is pulled tightly together. The V-Nails have a teflon strip to lubricate it as it enters the timber.

Available in normal (used for pine or obeche timber) and hardwood (used for ramin, oak, jarrah, or plastic) varieties. The hardwood V-Nails have "blunter" leading edge and travel straight inside the moulding rather than following a grain. These V-Nails are most suitable for hard timbers.

It is also desirable to use a V-Nail which is about 50-60% of the moulding height. Two V-Nails can be "stacked" on top of one another. Two different sizes can be used in the same joint when using the BenchMaster or PushMaster. Place the first V-Nail close to the rebate or front and the second one about half way across the mitre. Never in the back 1/4 of the joint. More "holding power" is obtained from V-Nails placed near the rebate. V-Nail only in 2 positions, this is all that is necessary for most frames.

How to insert V-Nails (download pdf file)

Standard - Recommended for moulding such as Pine or Obeche
Code: #10405 5mm (3/16") V-Nail 400/Pk.
Code: #10410 7mm (1/4") V-Nail 400/Pk.
Code: #10412 10mm (3/8") V-Nail 400/Pk.
Code: #10414 12mm (1/2") V-Nail 400/Pk.
Code: #10416 15mm (5/8") V-Nail 400/Pk.

Hardwood - Recommended for hard timbers ie. Ramin, Oak, Jarrah, Plastic
Code: #10411 7mm (1/4") V-Nail 400/Pk.
Code: #10413 10mm (3/8") V-Nail 400/Pk.
Code: #10415 12mm (1/2") V-Nail 400/Pk.
Code: #10417 15mm (5/8") V-Nail 400/Pk.
Code: #10811 7mm (1/4") V-Nail 1000/Pk.
Code: #10813 10mm (3/8") V-Nail 1000/Pk.

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Save time and money by doing your own picture framing. Gary Leete will show you how to make your own frames from colour selection and measuring up, to frame cutting, joing and finishing off the frame.

Code: #25037 Video - "Basics of Picture Framing"

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