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There are 5 easy steps to frame using the frameco tools. Frame your own photographs, prints and artworks just like a professional.

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Getting started has never been easier. Start with a frame kit like our best selling kit #1

Our best selling mat cutter is the Mat Master 860B. You can cut all your own matboard without any overcuts.

Upgrade your Pushmaster with the Benchmaster #1 option. Insert V-Nails into the hardest of timbers such as oak and Jarrah.

If you do not have the framing tools and wish to just buy a ready made frame, use YourFramer online framing program to order a ready made kit.

I am an amateur photographer, what is the best mat cutter for me. Frameco has many models suitable for the hobbiest or the busy home framer.


Picture Framing Cutting Tools

Cutting Your Own Picture Frames

The accurate cutting of the moulding is a key part of the framing process. Joining a moulding with perfect 45° cuts ensures your frame looks well made. The moulding length must also be accurate. Our selection of frame cutting tools will help you achieve this.

Ezy-Measuring System
"Cutting one side for a frame is easy. Cutting the second side to be the same size as the first is the hard part. With the Ezy-Measure system you can cut accurately everytime".
(Gary Leete - FrameCo)

For improved performance of any sawing system the FrameCo Ezy -Measuring System makes cutting of picture frame moulding quick and easy.

Although the guillotine is accepted as the ideal machine for cutting picture frame moulding, a professional mitre guillotine is beyond most small workshops. There are a number of well made manual mitre saws and power saws on the market and the FrameCo Ezy - Measure System will attach to most of these units.

The measuring system, made exclusively by FrameCo, will attach to most manually operated or electric powered saws. It is easy to assemble and calibrate for accurate cutting. Slide the moulding along the scale to the desired length, set the stop and cut. The measuring stop on the system enables you to cut the next side exactly the same length. Read from the inside of rebate for accurate lengths everytime. Available in metric or imperial scales.

Also includes the Mitre Mate Scale that provides you with the correct angle for cutting multi angled frames. The scale gives you the correct angle for accurate measurement and this combined with the multi angle stop on the ezy - measuring system, makes multi angles framing a breeze.

The FrameCo Ezy-Measure Extension Kit increases the length of the measuring system to 1.5 metres/64".

The extension table can be easily removed if not required as a permanent fixture. The scale and full instructions for setting up are included with the unit. The scale measures from 114 - 168cm (48 - 64"). The extension table is locked into your existing Ezy - Measuring System with pins provided with the extension kit.

How to use the Ezy Measuring System - Hand Saw (download pdf file)
How to use the Ezy Measuring System - Power Saw (download pdf file)

Recommended products to be used with the Ezy-Measure System:
- Ezy-Measure System Extension Click for details/buy
- Proman Saw Unit Click for details/buy
- Mitre Trimmer Guillotine Click for details/buy
- PushMaster/BenchMaster Joiners Click for details/buy
- FrameCo Strap Clamp Click for details/buy
- Code: #10125 Ezy - Measuring System 0-114cm (0-43") Click for details/buy
- Code: #10127 Ezy - Measuring System Extension 114-168cm (43-64") Click for details/buy

Use the Measure - Mate scale
to cut 5,6,8,10 or 12
sided frames.

Ezy-Measure Extension

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Proman Saw Unit

The Proman Saw Unit Model #110 mitre saw is a Swedish made suspension saw of exceptional quality. Of all the saws on the world market it is the only unit we are happy to recommend. The accuracy of the cut is fine enough to produce a quality mitre in black and fine gold leaf mouldings. The saw unit comes complete with one dual action moulding clamp, an inbuilt measuring stop, and one saw blade. Maximum cutting width and height at 45 degrees is 105mm or 4 1/4 inches. The maximum cutting length at 45 degrees depends upon the length of the measuring system.

There is usually no need to sand the mitres after cutting with the Proman saw.

The FrameCo Measuring System can be fitted to the Proman saw, which then allows lengths of moulding up to 168cm or 64 inches to be cut.. The unit can be disassembled for easy storage, or can be mounted onto a wood or metal base. This makes the unit more steady and the whole assembly can still be stored away when not in use.

The Proman saw is supplied with an 18TPI (teeth per inch) blade as standard. This blade is good for general framing, however a 24TPI blade gives a finer and more even cut. There is also a blade of 32 TPI which can be used for cutting aluminium frame mouldings.

The base table of the saw has grooves built into the cutting surface. These are used for cutting compound mitres, which can then be joined with the PushMaster and the PushMaster Compound Mitre Ring.

Recommended products to be used with the Proman Saw Unit:
- Ezy-Measure System ..combines with the saw for accurate frame cutting everytime Click for details/buy
- PushMaster/BenchMaster Joiners...for a superior v-nail joint Click for details/buy
- FrameCo Strap Clamp..pulls the mitres firmly together Click for details/buy
- Compound Mitre Ring...for creative joinery Click for details/buy
- Mitre Trimmer Guillotine. shaves the mitre for an even finer cut code: #10120 Proman Saw Model #110 - Complete Unit Click for details/buy

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Proman Saw Replacement Blades

- Code: #10119 Proman Saw Replacement Blade - 18 TPI for Cross Cuts and Picture Framing Click for details/buy
- Code: #10121 Proman Saw Replacement Blade - 24 TPI finer blade for picture framing Click for details/buy
- Code: #10122 Proman Saw Replacement Blade - 32 TPI for metal cutting Click for details/buy

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Mitre Trimmer Guillotine

The Mitre Trimmer is an excellent addition to the home framers workshop. If you are currently cutting frame moulding with a power saw, or a cheaper quality suspension saw, then the mitres can be improved to near perfect by trimming them in the guillotine. The most acceptable method of cutting for the professional framer is with a Morso Guillotine... not power saws!! These guillotines have been on the market for over 50 years and produce a near perfect mitre. But for home use, they are not affordable . So the mitre Trimmer is a practical alternative, and they produce a better mitre than a disc sander. The Mitre Trimmer's super sharp, solid, hollow ground blades leave a clean, smooth cut. Use the Trimmer to shave off a thin piece of the timber to ensure an accurate 45° cut. First cut the moulding into 4 pieces approximately 5mm (1/4") longer than required. This will allow sufficient length to trim the ends for perfect joints every time.

The Trimmer will trim material up to 125mm (5") wide and 100mm (4") thick. Cuts many angles from 90 through to 45° and can be calibrated to ensure accurate mitre cuts. The Trimmer will cut all types of timber, including very hard woods. Blades can be re-sharpened many times over to maintain a quality cutting edge.

Ideal addition to any workshop, especially if your current power/manual saw is not cutting at exact 45°.

Recommended products to be used with the Mitre Trimmer Guillotine:
- Power Saws..the trimmer will improve any saw cut Click for details/buy
- PushMaster or BenchMaster Joiners...once the frame is cut, secure with a v-nail Click for details/buy
- FrameCo Strap Clamp..for strong, tight mitres Click for details/buy
- Code: #12000 Mitre Trimmer Guillotine Click for details/buy
- Code: #12002 Mitre Trimmer Blade Set Click for details/buy

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Mitre Trimmer Measuring System

Measuring System to add to your Mitre Trimmer Guillotine to ensure accurate frame cutting.

The Mitre Trimmer Measuring System features a Micro Adjustment Screw which allows you to move the moulding into the blade by small, even amounts giving you smooth even shaves each time. It is therefore easier to accurately cut each piece to the length required. The procedure is as follows.

Cut your frame into 4 sides in the normal manner. Cut each side longer than required, then trim one end in the Mitre Trimmer Guillotine. Place each side onto the measuring table, and set the actual length required using the Measuring Stop. Using the Micro Adjustment Screw, small, even shaves can be taken off each length to achieve accurate frame sides.

The Measuring System available with the Proman Saw cannot be used with the Mitre Trimmer because the scales are set in different positions for each cutting device. Therefore 2 measuring systems are required - one for the saw and one for the mitre trimmer. You can set them both up on the one bench as shown in the picture opposite.

How to use the Mitre Trimmer Measuring System (download pdf file)

Code : #12010 Mitre Trimmer Measuring System Click for details/buy

Frame Cutting Guillotine Mitre Guillotine

Micro Adjustment Knob for accurate frame measuring and cutting.

measuring systems