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There are 5 easy steps to frame using the frameco tools. Frame your own photographs, prints and artworks just like a professional.

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Getting started has never been easier. Start with a frame kit like our best selling kit #1

Our best selling mat cutter is the Mat Master 860B. You can cut all your own matboard without any overcuts.

Upgrade your Pushmaster with the Benchmaster #1 option. Insert V-Nails into the hardest of timbers such as oak and Jarrah.

If you do not have the framing tools and wish to just buy a ready made frame, use YourFramer online framing program to order a ready made kit.

I am an amateur photographer, what is the best mat cutter for me. Frameco has many models suitable for the hobbiest or the busy home framer.


FrameCo Corner Sample Matboards

FrameCo's unique Corner Sample System™ ~ makes framing easy

Using the Corner Sample System you can select the:
* Choose the RIGHT colour mat board
* Choose the RIGHT moulding
for your picture with over 125 Corner Samples!

There are over 70 Mouldings to choose from that have been carefully chosen for their easy cutting and joining qualities. Over 60 Mat Board colours featuring a crisp, super white core that cuts cleanly and smoothly.

Each Sample contains suggestions on colour combinations, the best moulding styles to use, and what colour mat to use with water colours, photographs, needlework, pastels, etc.

Step 1.
Lay your artwork flat on the bench ready for choosing the required mats and mounts.

Step 2.
Using the FrameCo Corner System™, place the Mat Board Corner sample of the bottom left of your Artwork. This will allow the eye to read from the corner into the artwork. Always work from the bottom left or right hand corner - not from the top of the picture.

Step 3.
When you are happy with your choice of mats then you can experiment with the mouldings. Select from over 70 Corner Samples of Frame Mouldings. Transfer the information onto a FrameCo Worksheet, ready for cutting your mats and frames.

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1. Ordering Mat Board
We have chosen only to stock "White Core" Mat Board. We feel that the pure white core, which utilises high quality cellulose fibres, is not only more responsible to use on your artwork, but it is also more pleasing to the eye. Woodland Mat Board is available in several sizes. The most convenient size to mail order is 51cm x 81cm (20x32"). However, other sizes are available upon request.

2. Order Frame Moulding cut to size
"Chop Service" cut at 45°
Woodland "Chop Service" is where we mitre chop (45°) the moulding to the size you require for your picture, then send the four sides ready for you to join. You are charged for the amount of moulding used PLUS a cutting and freight fee.

3. Ordering Frame Moudling by the Length
"by the metre" cut at 90°
We are also able to supply you with all our frame mouldings by the length cut down for easy postage. There is no cutting fee. You are charged for the actual amount of frame moulding sent to you, plus freight.

Due to Post restrictions we are unable to send long lengths of moulding. Please inform us of the measurments of your frame and we will square cut the lengths long enough so that you can mitre cut the four sides. This will allow us to safely post your moulding.

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