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There are 5 easy steps to frame using the frameco tools. Frame your own photographs, prints and artworks just like a professional.

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Getting started has never been easier. Start with a frame kit like our best selling kit #1

Our best selling mat cutter is the Mat Master 860B. You can cut all your own matboard without any overcuts.

Upgrade your Pushmaster with the Benchmaster #1 option. Insert V-Nails into the hardest of timbers such as oak and Jarrah.

If you do not have the framing tools and wish to just buy a ready made frame, use YourFramer online framing program to order a ready made kit.

I am an amateur photographer, what is the best mat cutter for me. Frameco has many models suitable for the hobbiest or the busy home framer.

HOW TO NOTES    Workshop Notes - How To Make Picture Frames

Master the Art of Picture Framing

With the help of FrameCo's team of experienced framers, we have created a series of "How to ... " notes , illustrated instructions to help you gain expertise in the art of picture framing, using our range of easy-to-use tools.

How To Make Picture Frames

Ever wanted to know how that professional picture framer made that frame, or how they mounted that valuable piece of memorabilia - we will tell you!

These Online Picture Framing Tutorials have been written by experienced framers and cover many aspects of picture framing, giving you valuable knowledge on how to do a multitude of projects. We continually add new subjects to our library of online tutorial. For beginners, you may want to visit our faq page where basic picture framing questions are answered.

Due to the overwhelming response from our Online Framing Program - Smart Framer™, we have decided to add to our website a new picture framing video section to help you further with your framing projects. Be sure to check it out!

The Workshop Notes marked (*) are FREE as downloadable .pdf documents. You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to view these files - CLICK HERE to download this program.

All other Workshop Notes can be purchased from our Online Shopping Site

Mat Cutting
#25100 How to measure up the artwork* FREE
#25114 How to make the most of mat board* FREE
#25101 How to cut a single mat* FREE
#25102 How to cut a double mat* FREE
#25103 How to cut a triple mat* FREE
#25104 How to cut a bottom heavy mat* FREE
#25105 How to cut a reverse bevel
#25117 How to cut an offset mat
#25108 How to cut a stepped corner
#25109 How to cut a roman arch
#25110 How to cut an 8-sided mat
#25111 How to cut a kobi corner
#25112 How to cut a title window
#25113 How to cut a v-groove* FREE
#25120 How to cut freestyle* FREE
#25115 How to cut a multi-opening mat* FREE
#25116 How to cut a deep accent bevel wrapped mount
#25107 How to emboss a mat* FREE
#25118 How to make a shadow box mat
#25119 How to make a shadow box using fome cor

Frame Cutting & Joining
#25207 How to correctly measure frames* FREE
#25202 How to make a multi-sided frame
#25256 How to use V-Nails* FREE
#25257 How to double stack V-Nails* FREE
#25203 How to use a linen slip* FREE
Frame Finishing & Assembly
#25250 How to cut glass* FREE
#25252 How to use a vacu-bag* FREE
#25260 How to use acid free double sided tape* FREE
#25255 How to hinge artworks* FREE
#25254 How to hang a large picture* FREE
#25209 How to make stand backs and hangers* FREE
Framing Projects
#25208 How to frame a football jumper
#25251 How to mount a cross stitch
#25253 How to stretch a canvas or tapestry
#25204 How to make a box frame

Garys Golden Rules
The do's and dont's for easy framing.

Purchase a copy at our Online Shopping Site (AU$15, US$12, £7)
Alternatively get it for half price by becoming a member

If you would like a printed copy of the "Free" How-To Notes sent to you, we are happy to do that - however, there will be a charge to cover printing and postage. Order the copies from the online shopping site.

Note: We also attend many trade shows and run a number of short, hands-on workshops or courses on mat cutting and picture framing. More information can be found in our picture framing workshop page. If you are interested in attending our hands-on workshops, you can fill up the workshop registration form.