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There are 5 easy steps to frame using the frameco tools. Frame your own photographs, prints and artworks just like a professional.

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Getting started has never been easier. Start with a frame kit like our best selling kit #1

Our best selling mat cutter is the Mat Master 860B. You can cut all your own matboard without any overcuts.

Upgrade your Pushmaster with the Benchmaster #1 option. Insert V-Nails into the hardest of timbers such as oak and Jarrah.

If you do not have the framing tools and wish to just buy a ready made frame, use YourFramer online framing program to order a ready made kit.

I am an amateur photographer, what is the best mat cutter for me. Frameco has many models suitable for the hobbiest or the busy home framer.


The FrameCo Story

Gary Leete

Ever thought you would like to have your hobby as your full time job. It does not happen very often, In 1966 Gary Leete was able to turn his new found hobby into a full time profession which has grown steadily over the past 35 years. He is a man who likes to make things work and work well. With his flair for design and a strong research team, they have developed a market, which was waiting to be discovered and achieved sales in 35 countries worldwide.

The $100 Frame Joiner

The PushMasterŪ became an instant success, helping thousands of inexperienced hobbyists to make their own picture frames at home with a professional finish. The PushMasterŪ won numerous awards and opened the way for Gary and his research team to create other tools and accessories, specialised for the craftsperson at home. People who want to have a sense of achievement, extending their interest in Photography, Needlecraft, Artistry or Woodworking by making their own frames to complement their hobby. Considering that the PushMasterŪ is 1/20th of the price of the professional machines and does the same job, no wonder it continues to be a great success!

Birth of an Idea

Gary's main business during the 1980's through to mid 1990's was servicing the professional picture framing industry. His company was the main distributor of all the professional equipment for nearly 20 years. Gary introduced such advances as the first V-Nail joining machine and the first computer controlled mat cutters into the Australian and Asian Markets. It was in 1995 Gary chose to sell the major part of his company, but rather than retire Gary set about creating some tools for the Do-It-Yourself market, rekindling his passion for picture framing at home.

Going Global

Before long Gary and his team realised that the advantage of making products in Australia was due to its pool of creativity and great resources, however its location in the world market was a problem. FrameCo qualified for an Export Market Development Grant and in 1998 with the help of the Australian Government, FrameCo opened its first overseas office in the UK. Now the company was able to supply the global market - continuing that success, FrameCo established offices in France, South Africa and the United States. Encouraged by its success, the company continues to introduce creative practical tools for the home hobbyist.

A Breakthrough in Design

It was in 1996 when the breakthrough happened. Gary created the PushMasterŪ tool which has revolutionised the DIY framing market. The best way to join mitred picture frames is with special staples called V-Nails, (invented in France in 1979). Until the development of the PushMasterŪ, the only way to insert V-Nails into the back of a picture frame was with professional joining machines. However, these were expensive and not practical for the home craftsperson who wants to make 5 frames per year as a hobby. Like all great inventions it happened quickly and the first PushMasterŪ hand operated V-Nailer was created at FrameCo, Melbourne.

Another Breakthrough

One of these continuing advances is the creation of the MatMasterT range of mount board cutters for photography, needlework and craft makers. The introduction of the Mat Master™ 860B and 1060B was the next major breakthrough in design, creating a range of mount board cutters, which produce professional results at a fraction of the cost. Tools in the same family such as the GrooveMaster™, LineMaker™ and Glass Cutter continue the tradition of precision made products which are practical and safe to use. Today, FrameCo continues to invest in the future, always searching for the next breakthrough, creating practical and interesting products.