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There are 5 easy steps to frame using the frameco tools. Frame your own photographs, prints and artworks just like a professional.

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Getting started has never been easier. Start with a frame kit like our best selling kit #1

Our best selling mat cutter is the Mat Master 860B. You can cut all your own matboard without any overcuts.

Upgrade your Pushmaster with the Benchmaster #1 option. Insert V-Nails into the hardest of timbers such as oak and Jarrah.

If you do not have the framing tools and wish to just buy a ready made frame, use YourFramer online framing program to order a ready made kit.

I am an amateur photographer, what is the best mat cutter for me. Frameco has many models suitable for the hobbiest or the busy home framer.


Making Picture Frames - Finishing Tools

How to Finish Picture Frames

Once you have cut and joined your frame, your artwork can be fitted into the frame. You have to seal the back of the frame against dust and then fit a hanger. There are a variety of handy tools and accessories available to make this process easy.

Glass Cutting

Always take your measurements from the back of the frame, making sure that you measure across the inside of the rebate. You then have two options - take the measurements to a glazier or have a go yourself. Glass cutting is easy once you have some practice, and the right tools.

2mm thick glass for picture framing - this will fit into most moulding rebates and it is not too heavy. Clear, glass is used most commonly for definition of the artwork. Use non-reflective glass in brightly lit areas where reflection is a problem. This glass may effect the clarity of your artwork, especially if the glass is a long way away from the surface of the artwork - for example on paper tole, triple mats and shadow box frames. For these jobs use plain glass.

The FrameCo Glass Cutter has a Tungsten-Carbide head mounted onto a solid aluminium base and will provide years of glass cutting. The head is vertical to the glass surface at all times and this ensures the cut is finer and more even each time. Attach to the MatMaster Rule and you have a glass cutting tool that is easy and safe to use. Less danger from broken or miscut glass.

FrameCo Glass Cutter Instructions (download pdf file)

Recommended products to be used with the FrameCo Glass Cutter:
- MatMaster Rule Click for details/buy
- Code: #13220 FrameCo Glass Cutter Click for details/buy

Picture Assembly

Pieces you should have are:

  • the assembled frame
  • glass
  • mat
  • picture
  • backing board
Clean the glass and place it into the frame, followed by the other components. To secure the backing board you can either use backing nails or flexipoints.The flexipoints are bendable tabs and are great for removing your picture if required - for example, photo frames, certificates. Backing nails are used most commonly.

PushMaster™ Kit

The unique head design of the PushMaster allows either flexipoints or backing nails to be installed. Brads or Flexipoints (bendable tabs) can be placed into the grooves on either side of the head of the PushMaster. These are then pushed into the rebate at the back of the picture to secure the backing board. Place some near the corners of the frame to prevent the picture from lifting. Screw eyes can also be instered into the PushMaster for easy installation. Position a screw eye on either side of the rear of the frame, attach some wire and your work of art is ready for hanging!

PushMaster Instructions(download pdf file)

Recommended products to be used with the PushMaster
- Frame Stop Click for details/buy
- Code: #14730 PushMaster Kit Click for details/buy

making picture frames 5
inserts screw eyes
making picture frames 2
inserts flexipoints

making picture frames 3
inserts brads

making picture frames 4
secure backing
Frame Stop™

The PushMaster tool inserts both flexipoints and backing nails. It is essential that the frame side be firmly supported when inserting these backing points. The FrameCo "Frame Stop" is a portable, easy to use tool for this job. It provides firm support and is easily moved to any nailing position.

Frame Stop Instructions (download pdf file)

Recommended products to be used with the Frame Stop
- PushMaster Click for details/buy
- Code: #15620 Frame Stop Click for details/buy

Flexi Framer

Similar to the PushMaster but this tool only inserts flexipoints and backing nails.

Flexi Framer Instructions (download pdf file)

Recommended products to be used with the Flexi Framer
- Code: #14757 Flexi Framer Tool Click for details/buy

making picture frames 7 making picture frames 8 making picture frames 9

Using a good quality backing tape, seal around the edge of the frame covering the brads/flexipoints. This will provide a barrier against dust or other foreign particles lodging inside your picture.

Using the PushMaster tool insert a screw eye. Check the front of the frame for the top and insert the screw eye into the back approximately 1/3rd down from the top. Do the same on the other side and then attach wire or cord.

Turn it back over and admire your finished picture frame - and the artwork too!