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Setting up framing for my Photography
I have recently started a side business as a photographer, and I am looking to purchase pre-made frames and mounts to frame my photographs. I would be looking to purchase around 20 frames per month. Do you have a catalogue or a list of frames you supply?  Any help or feedback you can give me is much appreciated!
Aaron Clark - Australia.

We do make ready made frame kits in standard sizes or you can design these yourself in any size you wish. You do all that online in a new program called.. YourFramer......Here is the link .. http://www.yourframer.com.au/

We could also offer you a discount on bulk orders of say 20 frames per order. The ready made frames can be sent by post so they include acrylic glass for safety reasons. You could purchase just the frame and have it glazed in your local town.

The next option for you to consider... is to make the frames yourself. You can purchase pre cut frames to the exact sizes of the images your require, then all you do is join the frame yourself. ...you will save much more money than the small outlay required for the joining tools needed for the jobs. You get what you want just when you need it most. You can also cut all your own mounts, you can achieve a professional bevel cut mount and the machines are quite inexpensive. So the investment is minimal.

Can I set up to do my own framing for my artwork?
I wanted to take a minute to say thanks. My wife Gayle and I have several lithographs that need framing, but the cost of having them framed has delayed this project. By researching on the internet I came across your website, it was very user friendly and straight forward……I requested a catalog and price sheet which were received very quickly. I phoned Maryann Dinsfriend and she took the time to answer all my questions and invited us over to Paso Robles to see your facility. This last Monday Gayle and I drove over to see Maryann and she was very knowledgeable and took the time to go over all of the FrameCo tools and products. Maryann had me cutting and grooving mats and I could see that by using your tools that I would be able to frame my own art work and, even with the cost of the tools, come out ahead. I have told my friends my intensions and all of them have something they want me to frame. I am currently unemployed and my plan is to get into the framing business. I am looking forward to my new endeavor and I know that by using FrameCo tools that I have a very good chance at success.
Best regards
Mike & Gayle Christner - USA

Editor…Mrs & Mrs Christner purchased a FrameCo Deluxe Mat Cutting and Joining package to start their framing venture.

Getting Started courses
Hello, I live in California and I would like to learn to do framing. I haven't been able to find any courses that are given close to my city. I hope you can help. Are the clasees held on the weekends and how much are they? Please let me know as soon as you can.
Adriana Garcia California USA

We do run framing lessons for beginners, but only at our showrooms in Paso Robles ( or Melbourne Aust. or Aylesbury UK) , which is not very convienent for you. You are welcome to visit us at anytime for a demonstration and one to one instruction on how to get started. However most people find that they can master the art of picture framing much easier than they first thought. Let me explain to you how to start picture framing as a hobby. On the web site there is a summary of the framing process, and how the whole process can be divided into 5 easy to learn parts. Review the process which will give you an overview of what is involved. Read this at..

Also on the web site we have a series of online lessons. These can be run quite easily especially if you have a broadband connection. You can see these lessons for "free" at..

You can also practice some of the framing skills such as colour selection and choosing "which frame goes with what colour mat" by framing some of your own digital photographs in the "Smart Framer" program. This is also on the web site and can be used free of charge. Try this program at..

I know these suggestions are is not as good as a "touch and feel" hands-on lesson, but they do work and you will be able to learn and master the basic techniques. Even if you were located in Corona, we would still encourage you to learn the basics online, through our catalogue, and with the help of our "How To Notes". Once you have started then your questions are much more relevant because you have already.."had a go". Once you have seen a few of the lessons, and perhaps framed some pictures then we encourage you get started with some of the basic tools. Review the suggested start-up packages shown on our kits page, and select a combination that suits your current hobbies like photography, needlework, or art. See the kits at..

If you are not sure of what to select then call or email us and we will guide you through that process. We are pleased to help...we have a vested interest in you being able to select the right tools to suit you and to make sure you can use those tools....correctly and safely.

Once you have started then we have all the back-up supplies such as the right tapes, lots of colored matboards, and a wide range of frame styles. A one-stop shop so that you can complete your projects successfully. We even can supply you the frames cut to the size of your picture, so that all you have to do is join them together with your FrameCo tools. So again, let me encourage you to get started. We have customers like yourself all over the world who enjoy the satisfaction of making their own picture frames for family and friends.

There is even a club to join. The Amateur Picture Framers Society, APFS, is a group of people just like yourself, learning from each other about various framing projects, all online and from the comfort of their own home.

The offer is open at all times for you to contact us if you require further help, advice or have another question.

DIY framing..the possibilities!
I live in a " Lifestyle Village " for the 45+ age group, there are 340 homes with many residents into Arts & Crafts all of whom complain about Framing Costs. I am hoping to get a Workroom set up in one of our Community Facilities where I can offer a "Not for Profit" service to my fellow residents. This may take a little time to set up and I must practice my skills on a few friends before I can offer the service to everyone in the village, don't be surprised if there is a lull in orders but it will happen.
Would you do me a favour and pass on my thanks to the two guys who introduced me to "FrameCo" at the Craft Show recently. Many Thanks.
John Curtis - Perth , Australia
How easy it is to get started !
Thanks fellas!
My first frame was one of our own photos and now hangs in the toilet. The next job was a paying job for the kids' school and I've just framed 4 of my own cross-stitches. Friends all say the same thing - 'We've got stuff in the cupboard that we need framed!'. So it looks like I'll be busy for a while!!
Karen Mills - Kenmore, Qeensland, Australia
Can I do it all myself !
I have attended one of your picture framing workshops and have purchased equipment from you. I was most impressed with the workshop, the knowledge and presentation qualities of your staff, and the quality of your products. It was easier than I first thought and your equipment has allowed me to produce excellent results.
Derek Latocha - Mornington, Victoria Australia
I can do my own framing..and do it well !
The FrameCo equipment you sold me last year performs so well, I have raised my framing standards to Gallery level and couldn’t be happier in early retirement.
Rob Davenport - Melbourne, Australia
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