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Frame Clamping FAQs

What is the best clamp to use for frame joining

The best clamp to use for all your framing jobs is one which pulls all the corners together at the one time.
This way you can see how the corners fit before joining with V-Nails."

A good quality clamp which pulls the corners tightly together makes it easier to insert the v-nails into the back of the frame. FrameCo manufactures the worlds best best Corner Clamp, but because it joins one corner at a time, this type of clamp is not as easy to use as a strap clamp. The problem is that all brands of strap clamp are judged by the quality of the cheaper Chinese made versions. And they do not work very well. If you only make a few frames as a hobby or for a small business then you do not have access to professional joining machines. So we have to compromise. And the strap clamp is a valuable tool which makes joining easier. Here are the features which make the FrameCo strap clamp unique. See how the strap clamp works

* The plastic corners are specially made so that they will not slip off the frame - a unique feature of our clamps.
* Plastic corner pieces which are flexible so that they can clamp at any angle.
* The locking mechanism of the Strap Clamp is robust, quick and easy to use and comes with a lifetime warranty.
* Extra corners are supplied so that you can join 4, 6, 8 and 10 sided frames. Glue is recommended on all joints for larger frames.
* The FrameCo Strap clamp comes complete with new corner "wings". These wings fit onto the bottom of each corner piece preventing the clamp from slipping off the frame.
When is it better to use a single corner clamp?

The FrameCo Corner Clamp is a single corner clamp..ie joins one corner each time, and is more suitable for large or complex shaped mouldings. We prefer the FrameCo Strap clamp, see question above, because you see all the corners put together before joining. With the Corner Clamp you only join one corner at a time. However some frame styles/profiles are difficult to join and may join better using the corner clamp. But most corner clamps on the market have the "V" shaped frame support section too narrow or small..ie the sides are too short. We have found that for a good join the sides supporting the frame have to be quite long, especially when clamping wide frames. So if the support sides are short the frame corner being joined will not clamp correctly. Another important feature of the FrameCo Corner Clamp is that the front jaws are flexible and will bend inwards forcing the two sides tightly together. All these features make the FrameCo Corner Clamp unique and very reliable.

The corners of the frame open-up while joining!

If the frame does not lay flat on the table top, the pressure of the v-nail entering the timber can cause the frame joint to open-up. So it is important to support the underside of the frame, either in the front or the back for reverse shaped frames. The Corner Jack... read more - is an ajustable corner support devise which helps support the underside of the frame when joining.

The Strap Clamp slips off the corners of my frame!

A unique feature of the FrameCo Strap Clamp is that each corner has detachable "Corner Wings" which when fitted to the corner piece prevents them from slipping off the edge of the frame. Fit the "Corner Wings" when joining reverse back mouldings or mouldings which do not have a flat back. Remove the corner wings if you need to move the corner piece up the back of the frame corner...say for high backed mouldings.... See how to fit the Corner Wings to you strap clamp.

* Fit the "wing" into the slots in each corner.
* Install a 4th corner piece onto the strap if necessary.
* Remove the wings when joining high backed frames.
Making and Clamping an Octagonal Frame

I am trying to make an octagonal frame which is 90mm for each side. The problem I have encountered is that the width of the flexible corner pieces are too wide for the size frame I am making. So the final side and main block will not fit around the frame. So the clamp is not working. Any suggestions how I may overcome this small but irritating problem. Robin West UK...

* Remove all the corner pieces from the strap.
* Using the strap only will clamp all the sides toghtly together.
* Place a packer between the ends of the main block.
* This will prevent any marking of the last side

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