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Picture Framing Classes & Workshop FAQs

How do I get Started without attending a framing class

FrameCo tools are easy and safe use. The packaging contains detailed instructions to enable you to get started framing as soon as you open the box. If you are really new to picture framing, getting one of our start up kits is the best way to go.

FrameCo also conducts a number of hands-on Introductory and Advanced mat cutting and picture framing workshops. Hopefully you can get to one of the FrameCo courses or meet with us at any of the exhibitions and shows we attend worldwide.
We run most of our courses at the FrameCo showrooms, and we have showrooms/offices in the UK, USA and Australia. However this is probably not close to where you are located right now!. Although we also run classes at some of the shows we attend, most of the education is available online. So no matter where you are located you can learn all the basic steps involved in the framing process through your computor, online or through our publications. Online may not be an ideal way to learn but we are getting better at presenting the information so that you can learn. But our staff are always willing to help you get started....you can call and you will get a response!!!!!

See our range of courses and workshops at courses and workshops

I am an absolute beginner and I need classes!
I am wanting to learn how to do picture framing as a hobby. I am an ABSOLUTE beginner and was wondering if you offered any beginner classes? I live in New York. USA

We do run framing lessons for beginners, and while our classes are well attended, most people find that they can master the art of picture framing much easier than they first thought.

Let me explain to you how to start picture framing as a hobby without attending a course....

On the web site there is a summary of the framing process, and how the whole process can be divided into 5 easy to learn parts. Review the process which will give you an overview of what is involved. Read this at 5 Steps - Easy and Rewarding

Also on the web site we have a series of online lessons. These can be run quite easily especially if you have a broadband connection. You can see these lessons for "free" at Learn online

You can also practice some of the framing skills such as colour selection and choosing "which frame goes with what colour mat" by framing some of your own digital photographs in the "Smart Framer" program. This is also on the web site and can be used free of charge. Try this program at smartFramer

I know these suggestions are is not as good as a "touch and feel" hands-on lesson, but they do work and you will be able to learn and master the basic techniques.

Even if you were located in the same area as our office we would still encourage you to learn the basics online, through our catalogue, and with the help of our "How To Notes". Once you have started then your questions are much more relevant because you have already.."had a go".

Once you have seen a few of the lessons, and perhaps framed some pictures then we encourage you get started with some of the basic tools. Review the suggested start-up packages shown on our kits page, and select a combination that suits your current hobbies like photography, needlework, or art. See the kits at Startup Kits

If you are not sure of what to select then call or email us and we will guide you through that process. We are pleased to help...we have a vested interest in you being able to select the right tools to suit you and to make sure you can use those tools....correctly and safely.

Once you have started then we have all the back-up supplies such as the right tapes, lots of coloured matboards, and a wide range of frame styles.

A one-stop shop so that you can complete your projects successfully. We even can supply you the frames cut to the size of your picture, so that all you have to do is join them together with your FrameCo tools.

So again, let me encourage you to get started. We have customers like yourself all over the world who enjoy the satisfaction of making their own picture frames for family and friends.

There is even a club to join. The Amateur Picture Framers Society, APFS, is a group of people just like yourself, learning from each other about various framing projects, all online and from the comfort of their own home.

The offer is open at all times for you to contact us if you require further help, advice or have another question.

Can I start framing with Aluminium! - case study
I am interested in doing my own framing and I am considering starting with aluminium mouldings only - can you tell me if the Nobex saw will cut aluminium, or should I use a drop saw.
SC, Australia

he Nobex hand saw will cut the aluminium, and possibly make just as good a job as a drop saw...just slower. Aluminium is about 1.5% of the market and becoming less in vogue all the time. If your taste favours the aluminium look and you are only framing for yourself, then it does not matter what the market says. But if you want to frame for other people then only 1.5% of them will be happy with aluminium, so you will have to offer wood frames and have the tools to cut and join those frames. Another way to look at the problem would be ....set up with a saw, and a measuring system, and the tools to join the wood frames, together with a mat cutter..and source the aluminium on a cut to size basis..(ie a chop Service) from a supplier who specializes in aluminium framing. It all depends upon how much and how far you want to take the project.

Thanks for that --- I dont particularly favour aluminium I just thought it would be easier to work with ie joining corners etc. If I had a matt cutter, nobex saw, a v-nailer and a FrameCo strap clamp would this get me started???
SC, Australia

That selection of tools would be fine. Joining wood frames is possibly easier than joining aluminium frames. To join wood frames you may have to invest in a few tools but the ongoing costs are much cheaper and easier than framing with aluminium.The Nobex saw is the best hand saw on the world market, and ideal for you to start. I would suggest you attach a measuring system to the saw so that you can cut accurate lengths everytime.

A hand v-nailer, such as the PushMaster combined with the FrameCo strap Clamp will cover anything you wish to join.

All those tools are available in the Home Framer Kit #2...you may wish to select a different mat cutter, especially if you are into photography, and get one with a longer cut...we have plenty to choose from.

If you cannot find the answer to your question click on the special FAQ "Answer Link" below and we will email you with suggestions and advice from our framing panel. This is a free service to all FrameCo visitors.
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