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Everyone has something they want framed!
You start off by framing all your own projects. and most people you know at work or amongst family and friends will have something they want framed. Its a small home based business with as many customers as you want to have. We have found that people are happy to give you their framing jobs, because they have seen that you do your own framing. Not only do you save them money, but you can earn an income for yourself. It really is a home based business with too many customers!!
Finding a niche in the Market - case study
I started framing in order to support our photography business but it has since evolved into a thriving small business ( from home) of its own. I found when I started that the time/materials made the product seem expensive, however I soon learnt that people are prepared to pay for individual, high quality product and service. So I am focusing on this and trying to make ourselves stand out from the crowd. It is important to distinguish ourselves form the mass produced frames in shops or quick frame shops that we have over here as it is a completely different market. I Love my job and the flexibibility and creativity that it gives me, it is a far cry from my previous work in social care.
Michelle - UK
Picture Framing..the possibilities! - case study
I live in a " Lifestyle Village " for the 45+ age group, there are 340 homes with many residents into Arts & Crafts all of whom complain about Framing Costs. I am hoping to get a Workroom set up in one of our Community Facilities where I can offer a "Not for Profit" service to my fellow residents. This may take a little time to set up and I must practice my skills on a few friends before I can offer the service to everyone in the village.
John Curtis Perth , Australia
Can FrameCo help me get started with a small framing business

It usually begins with making a few frames for family and friends and before you know it, people want to pay you for enjoying your hobby!. You have the beginning of a small business which can grow providing you have the right tools and the right advice. Picture framing is an easy to run, home based business which not only saves YOU money, but can also provide you with additional income.

There are several business opportunities possible with FrameCo. Start your own small home based framing business, or teach picture framing in your local community.

FrameCo can help you get started. We specialise in the low volume, high quality part of the picture framing market. We have designed and manufactured most of the equipment now regarded as "standard" tools used for DIY framing. We are leading the way in new and innovative methods of marketing, and you can be a part of this expanding niche market. DIY picture framing is a rapidly growing and successful craft, and our tools are safe to use, easy to operate, inexpensive, and suit the home based business model very well. For more information on the FrameCo program visit the "Business Opportunities" section of the main web site.

Starting Lessons in your Community
I have been approchaed to give framing lessons in our Condo clubhouse. There are 835 units here. Additionaly, the seasonal art teacher has classes in many more condo nearby. I could take my class to other condos. My association will not let me practice my framing hobby unless I give lessons. So how can I start lessons as well as my home framing service.
Kirk Williamson Florida, USA

You could run lessons, and sell tools such as mat cutters and small joining kits which would then allow you to run "advanced" lessons, to the people you set up as DIY framers. While running the basic classes you also have the opportunity to "sell" your framing service to those who do not wish to do their own framing.

If you are prepared to learn and teach the FrameCo method of DIY framing, there are great opportunities to develop an interesting and rewarding hobby.

We have found that the supply of finished moldings through the "chop service" system makes DIY framing even easier as it eliminates the difficulties of cutting your own moldings.

The lessons that you run can be on the basic methods of DIY framing based upon the knowledge and tools that you have already. You can use FrameCo as a supplier and third party reference. We can supply you with additional catalogues to support your students, and there is a lot of information on the FrameCo web site to support you and your students.

Through our program you can become an accredited FrameCo demonstrator, teaching others to frame using FrameCo tools, and earning a commission on tools sales. You can take the project to any level you wish.

What to Charge for your framing jobs

When people first start home based framing they usually charge "Aunty Betty" just for the materials. Aunt Betty then tells all her friends and other family members that you are framing and that the job you did for her was so "cheap".

You then end up working for very little return and maybe not even covering the cost of your materials. You can read more on this in our "Start your own Business Section".

To help you price the framing jobs, FrameCo has created - YourFramer - a retail pricing and design program. The program is availble on the internet for anyone to use. You can use the program to show your customers their artwork fully framed and the programe will also give you a current market price for the complete framing job. Use the price as a guide. The program is available in metric and imperial for the USA. Go to the program at this link YourFramer.co.uk, YourFramer.com.au or YourFramer.com.

The main point to remember is that family and friends want you to be successful. They are enjoying a significant saving, compared to the High St retail prices and most people are aware of that and will be happy to pay a fair and reasonable price for your efforts. So don't undersell yourself from the start. To price a framing job for family and friends you can either (A) double the costs of the materials used, or (B) take the actual cost of all materials used and add a token amount per job to help cover the costs of your tools. A better method for the small home business is to use our standard pricing schedule and then give a reasonable discount as you are working from home. Join the APFS and you can receive additional help with your business setup, see other peoples ideas and stratergies through the Framers Forum, and download the free copies of the suggested retail pricing schedule

If you cannot find the answer to your question click on the special FAQ "Answer Link" below and we will email you with suggestions and advice from our framing panel. This is a free service to all FrameCo visitors.
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