Frameco Membership Renewal

An annual membership fee applies to each “FrameCo Membership” (previously APFS) application. To renew your membership, simply fill out the form below and continue receiving your members discount. Once you sign up, an email will be sent to confirm your renewal.

Associate members have full access to the website and information but because of country distribution arrangements we are unable to extend the standard Frameco membership (previously APFS) discount.

Duration / Cost of Membership Member Region
· 1 Year @ AU@39.00 Inc. Gst. for residents of Australia and New Zealand
· 1 Year @ £25.00 Inc. Vat. for residents of UK, Ireland and Middle East
· 1 Year @ €30.00 Inc. Vat. for residents of Europe
· 1 Year @ US$39.00 Inc. Vat. for residents of United States and Canada

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