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Mat Master Base Board 101cm-40"

Code: # 14301

Our Price: $243.90

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The MatMaster Base Board improves cutting accuracy and ease of use - available as a separate item to add to your FrameCo 660, 810 or 1000 system. The rule can still be lifted on and off the baseboard.

The kit includes the special hinges, screws, and an allen key to secure the rule to the base board. Also included is the Border Width Gauge or Mat Guide to upgrade the system for quick and easy measuring. A production stop is also included in the kit that is used on the rule with the #201 bevel cutter. As with the 660B and 810B kits, the 100cm baseboard and mat guides make measuring up the mat ready for cutting, quicker and easier.

  • upgrade for the Mat Master¬†100cm rule and bevel cutter.
  • improves accuracy as the ruler attaches to the base board
  • rule can be lifted on and off
  • inbuilt mat guide for accurate measurements
  • mat cutting stop