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Turn Your Hobby into the Perfect Home Based Business

How to Make Your Own Picture Frames

Imagine being able to frame all your own photographs, prints, tapestries and art work as well as a professional. You can save enough money to easily pay for all the necessary tools. Work at home, make picture frames!

Picture framing is an easy to run, home based business which not only saves YOU money, but can also provide you with income.

FrameCo can help you get started. We specialise in the low volume, high quality part of the picture framing market. FrameCo has designed and manufactures most of the equipment now regarded as "standard" tools used for DIY framing. We are leading the way in new and innovative methods of marketing, and you can be a part of this expanding niche market. DIY picture framing is a rapidly growing and successful craft, and our tools are safe to use, easy to operate, inexpensive, and suit the home based business model very well.

We can help you set up your own home based framing business. Choose a Start-Up Kit from the suggestions on the kit page and start collecting framing "jobs" from friends, family, neighbours, school/kindergarten parents. Ask our advice on the best kit to suit your needs and the potential market you can see in your area. Everyone has photos/pictures they would love to have hanging on their walls instead of inside the cupboard! Framing does not require a large workshop. Any room in the house will do and all the tools are portable so they can be packed up after use. Business opportunity working from home making picture frames.

Start framing your own items. Once "word" gets out amongst your family and friends we have found they are happy to give you the job to do - you save them money and can earn and income yourself. It really is a home based business with too many customers!

The Home Based Business That's Easy To Get Started

What is possible is a small home based business with as many customers as you want to have together with the technical back-up and the equipment so that you can picture frame properly and responsibly.

This is not a franchise. There are NO ROYALTIES to pay - just buy the equipment package that best suits your needs.

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There are framing workshops available that will extensively train you in picture framing techniques. That's where you can draw on Gary Leete and the FrameCo staff's 30 years experience in this exploding home based business. Most of the staff at FrameCo have been involved in the professional or home based framing business so we feel qualified to help get you started. FrameCo will always provide ongoing technical support. Visit our education page for more information.

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Picture Framing at home can become an ideal small business, all you have to do is get started. If you would like more information on how to go about setting up such a venture then contact us through the "Business Opportunity" link below and we come back to you with some information. You will need to tell us a little about yourself and if you have any equipment at this time. This will help us to understand your position. Our "Start Your Own Business" Course is for people wanting to earn some income from their framing hobby. Visit our education page for more information. For more information on working from home, visit starting a home business.

More information on framing as a Business Opportunity.

Consultant Kit's
Once you have completed our set of courses we know you will feel confident to pursue your dream of being your own boss. FrameCo offers support and a generous discount structure for clients who purchase a full sample kit. The Consultant's kit has all the samples you need to show your client's the range of framing choices you can provide.

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