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Starting a Home Based Framing Business

We are going to start with what "not" to do! When people first start home based framing they usually charge "Aunty Betty" just for the materials. Aunt Betty then tells all her friends and other family members that you are framing and that the job you did for her was so "cheap".

You then end up working for very little return and maybe not even covering the cost of your materials. More on this in the confidence section, but remember family and friends want you to be successful. They are enjoying a significant saving, compared to the High St prices and most people are aware of that and will be happy to pay a fair and reasonable price for your efforts. So don't undersell yourself from the start.
To price a framing job for family and friends you can either (A) double the costs of the materials used, or (B) take the actual cost of all materials used and add a token amount per job to help cover the costs of your tools. A better method for the small home business is to use our standard pricing schedule and then give a reasonable discount as you are working from home.

The pricing schedule is what most retail framing businesses would use. It allows you to look professional, and helps when quoting on work. Use it in front of the customer. Working prices out on scrap paper does not look professional. Your customer needs to feel satisfied they have been treated fairly and have confidence in your quote.

FrameCo has compiled a pricing schedule in $US, $Aust. and British pounds and these are available free of charge to APFS members. So join the club - APFS for additional help and assistance with any of your business plans or ideas.