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Starting a Home Based Framing Business

Some useful tips on successfully selling your designs to a customer when you both are choosing a frame and mount.

You will quickly arrive at several combinations that you could put around a piece of artwork. Your main aim is to frame the job in materials that you know you can provide, and that you know are easy for you to work with. Don't make the job hard for yourself. Remember, you are the expert and the customer is in your hands!

Next, do not do the framing job the cheapest way or for the least expensive alternative. Whatever you do, you are the one who will get the credit or the criticism. If the customer gets their way and you know it will not look right don't do the job. It will be your fault, regardless of the customers input. Sometimes for a minimal increase in material costs, a framing job can be made to look really good. If it looks good you get the credit.

So your customers need to be sold on what's best for their picture and that's your opportunity to do two things. Golden Rule #1 is to where possible recommend a double mount. Visually double mounts make your jobs look better so they sell themselves, and more importantly they double the price of the mount. Secondly, explain that narrow mounts visually take the eye away from the artwork. The important function of a mount is to enhance the artwork and not compete with it. The wider the mount the more the eye is drawn to the centre of the image. So it looks better, and you get the credit of doing a good job. Small increases in material costs but which make a big difference to the final result.

Of course the wider the mount the larger the overall size of the picture. When you go to your pricing chart the bigger the size the more it costs. It's never a "hard sell" to show your customer a cheaper option but also show a second or even a third option. Let the customer choose but remember you are the expert. You have a good reason to ensure that the final result looks great! You get the credit, the customer is happy to pay, and you get another job or a referral. You do not have to be a salesperson. Offer an opinion. 'that looks OK but I really feel this suits the artwork better', you will be surprised by the result!