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Starting a Home Based Framing Business

Confidence is what makes a home based business either successful or not, and it's not just confidence in your abilities to frame. Having the confidence to market yourself as a framer is the key to your business being successful.

Many times we have seen home based framers who are technically better than a number of High St retail framers but don't have the confidence to deal with, or attract customers. Remember to the customer you are the expert. You do know enough about framing to help and advise people about framing and framing design. So call up the local Art/Camera club and tell them about your services.

Self-Promotion doesn't come naturally to some people but once you have the confidence in your own ability it becomes easier. Never stop challenging your framing skills as this will give you the confidence to market your business successfully.

Join the APFS and ask questions through the Framers Forum. Many of the questions and answers in the Forum give you some great framing and marketing tips. Other peoples experiences do not cost anything. Keep up-to-date with the Workshop Notes and remember you can always send an email to FrameCo for help on a specific framing job.

Use the resources offered by FrameCo. Many of the staff are experienced picture framers, and some have also developed home-based picture framing businesses. So we understand the situation you are in and are always willing to help.

The most important attribute you need to develop is to have confidence in your own skills and to remember that your customer is looking to you for advice and recommendations for their framing projects. You are the expert!!